Graduate Certificate Option

** The registration for CSE Graduate Certificate Option is tentatively closed. Please check the CSE Transcriptable Graduate Concentration available to graduate students in participating departments. If you have any question, please contact

CSE is an interdisciplinary graduate option program with many participating departments whose individual CSE Options are broadly similar but may vary in some details. Each department has determined a set of specific requirements that students must satisfy to complete the CSE Option for a given degree program in that particular department. The departmental program descriptions specify required and recommended courses as well as any relevant examination or thesis requirements. The Graduate Certificate Option is only available to MS students as the PhD certificate program has been converted into the CSE Graduate Concentration. PhD or MS students interested in an option that will show up on your transcript should enroll in the CSE Graduate Concentration.

To learn more about about CSE and cross listed courses visit our Graduate Certificate Course webpage. Upon satisfying the degree requirements of the students's graduate department and the department's CSE Option requirements, the student is awarded a CSE Certificate signifying successful completion of the CSE Option.

The CSE Program does not independently admit students or confer graduate degrees. Students wishing to elect the CSE Option must first be admitted to one of the participating departments before enrolling in the CSE Program. 

How to Register

Currently enrolled graduate students can register for the CSE Program by completing the CSE Registration Form(must log in with university credentials)

Program Completion - How Do I Get My Certificate?

Please note if you are a graduate student you can only submit the CSE certificate graduate approval form the semester you are graduating, as we need to verify the completion of your thesis requirement.

Once you have completed the certification requirement, the student must submit a CSE Approval Form (must log in with university credentials). The approval form requires that you attach a copy of your DARS report. The DARS report is an audit of your records indicating what classes you have taken. Please highlight the courses you took to satisfy the certificate option before attaching the DARS report. Certificates are issued three times per year: during the first weeks of December, May, and August.

Coursework Requirements:

Each participating department has a set of specific coursework that students must satisfy to complete the CSE Certificate Option. The certificate program is designed so that it can fit within the required courses in the students’ home department without the need of taking additional hours that are distinct from required coursework. Please click on the link corresponding to your department below to find the coursework necessary for certificate completion.

Participating Departments and Programs