2016-2017 Fellows

Antoine Blanchard (Aerospace Engineering) — Computational and Analytical Study of Vortex Induced Vibrations of a Sprung Bluff Body with Internal Nonlinear Energy Sinks

Dimitrios Fytanidis (Civil and Environmental Engineering) — Turbulence and Sediment Transport in Oscillatory Boundary Layer Flows

Rachel Mansbach (Physics) — Mesoscale Molecular Simulations of Self-Assembling Organic Electronic Nanowires

Shriyaa Mittal (Biophysics) — Molecular View of Plant-Microbe Nitrogen Cycle Interactions

Advitya Patyal (Theoretical and Applied Mathematics) — A Novel Interface Tracking Approach for Modeling Three-Dimensional Premixed Turbulent Flames

Amirhossein Taghvaei (Mechanical Science and Engineering) — Computationally Efficient Implementation of Feedback Particle Filter Algorithm for High Dimensional Problems

Sixian You (Bioengineering) — Quantitative Imaging of Breast Cancer Progression Using Multimodal Optical Microscopy and Machine Learning

Xiao Zhang (Mechanical Science and Engineering) — Surface and Magnetic Dopants in ZnO: First-Principles Simulations for Advanced Optoelectronic Applications