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The exploding technology of computers and networks promises profound changes in the fabric of our world... As seekers of knowledge, researchers will be among those whose lives change the most... Researchers themselves will build this New World largely from the bottom up, by following their curiosity down the various paths of investigation that the new tools have opened. It is unexplored territory. (National Research Council (2001), Issues for Science and Engineering Researchers in the Digital Age, p. 37.

Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) defines an interdisciplinary area of scientific research and engineering design in which large-scale simulation, data analysis, and high performance computing play a central role. CSE is inherently cross-disciplinary, requiring expertise in advanced computing, mathematics, and one or more applied disciplines.

The CSE Graduate Option Program at the University of Illinois fosters and coordinates interdisciplinary, computationally oriented research and education across all fields of science and engineering, and prepares students to work effectively in such an interdisciplinary environment. While CSE is a unit of the College of Engineering, participation is not limited to academic departments within the College. All faculty members affiliated with CSE have regular faculty appointments in one of the participating departments.

Students electing the CSE Option as part of their graduate educational program become proficient in computing technology, including numerical computation and the practical use of advanced computer architectures, as well as becoming proficient in an applied discipline in science or engineering. Such proficiency is gained, in part, through courses that are specially designed to reduce the barriers to interdisciplinary study. Thesis research by CSE students has a major computational component and is actively advised by faculty members from multiple departments.

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