When should I apply for a CSE certificate, minor, or concentration?

You should apply as early as possible! We encourage you to apply as soon as you decide to complete a CSE academic program. Certificates, minors, and concentrations are not available retroactively (i.e. after the student graduates from the University).


When do I receive my CSE certificate?

Certificates are issued three times per year: during the first weeks of December, May, and August. You will receive a pdf version of your certificate, and a hard copy is available upon request.


I have changed my plan. How do I drop CSE concentration?

To drop CSE concentration, please submit the Graduate Student Request Form to the Graduate College. You can find instructions and the form here: https://grad.illinois.edu/gsas/curriculum-transfer. Please pay attention to the deadline published by the Graduate College for each term.


What should I do if I have a question about my personal circumstances that is not answered on CSE website?

For questions about individual circumstances, please email CSE Education Coordinator Bryan Wang (bpcwang@illinois.edu) to make an appointment.

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