CSE Graduate Concentration

The CSE Transcriptable Graduate Concentration is designed to provide graduate students at both the Masters and Ph.D. levels with a solid base in problem-solving using computation as a major tool for modeling complicated problems in science and engineering.  This concentration requires students to complete 16 graduate credit hours. Courses taken toward this concentration will count towards the student’s graduate degree if permitted by the curriculum of their major and the concentration will be listed on their transcript upon graduation.

The graduate concentration is only available for students enrolled in participating graduate degree programs. For a list of currently participating programs, please click here and find the list under Computational Science and Engineering.

For students in School of Integrative Biology, please contact Bryan Wang (bpcwang@illinois.edu) for more information.

Graduate Concentration Enrollment Procedure(2 Step Process)

  • STEP 1: Complete CSE online Graduate Registration form (must log in with university credentials).
  • STEP 2: Once the student submits the CSE online Graduate Registration (step 1), we will send you a welcome confirming you have been accepted to the CSE graduate concentration program. The welcome email will also include a link to a form needed by the graduate college to officially add the concentration to your transcript. You must complete the form as soon as we send you the email with the link.

Graduate Concentration Completion—Steps for getting a transcriptable recognition

Once you have completed the graduate concentration requirement, the student must submit the CSE Graduate Concentration Approval Form (must log in with university credentials). You are not eligible to elect this concentration if you have completed all the required coursework before you enroll in the concentration. Concentrations are not awarded retroactively. The approval form requires that you attach a copy of your DARS report. The DARS report is an audit of your records indicating what classes you have taken. You will need to have received letter grades in all your CSE concentration requirement courses. Please highlight the courses you took to satisfy the certificate option before attaching the DARS report. Upon receiving your graduate concentration approval form, the CSE office will confirm the fulfillment of the concentrations and notify the Graduate College and the student’s home department once we verify the student has completed the requirements for the Concentration.

Graduate Concentration Curriculum

Hours Required Courses
8 Core Course WorkComplete two courses (4-hours each) from the list below.
8 Computing ElectivesComplete two courses (4-hours each) from the list below. The computing electives must be distinct from the core courses (no double counting is allowed).
16 Total Hours

Full list of approved CSE concentration courses

Additional Requirements

MS and PhD Thesis Requirement:
The graduate thesis must have a significant computational component, and the thesis committee must include at least one CSE-affiliated faculty.

MS, Non-thesis Requirement:
Must complete a 4-hour independent study/Capstone Project course,
 where the project is supervised by a CSE-affiliated faculty.  The independent study project must comprise sufficient computational work, and be designed in consultation with the faculty supervisor overseeing the independent study.


For any questions about this program, please contact CSE Education Coordinator- Bryan Wang bpcwang@illinois.edu  

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