CSE Fellows

2018-2019 Fellows


Soumendu Bagchi – (Aerospace Engineering) – Exploiting Moiré Effects to Control Plasma-Patterning of Twisted Bilayer Graphene





Pouyan Karimi – (Mechanical Science and Engineering) – Simulation of Nanocomposites with a Focus on Electrical Properties





Zhixia Li – (Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering) – Study the effect of Surface Defects on Hydrophobicity at Rare-Earth Oxide–Water Interfaces using Molecular Dynamics Simulations driven by ab initio-based Neural Network Potentials




Pallav Ranjan – (Civil and Environmental Engineering) – From Substrate to Surface: The Impact of Aquatic Ecosystems on Exchange Processes at the Sediment-Water and Water-Air Interfaces




Sam Spencer – (Electrical and Computer Engineering) – Formation and Evolution of Multilayer Social and Societal Networks Using Agent-Based Models, with Applications to Food, Energy, and Water Systems

Past Fellows



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