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Software Carpentry Online Workshops- Fall, 2020

– What basic computing skills do I need as a researcher?
– How do I maintain my research code?
– How can I quickly and automatically process my experimental data?This workshop series will cover the skills you need to succeed as all fields become data-driven:- Scripting for task and data management
– Programming with the Python scripting language
– Programming with the R scripting language
– Data Management with SQL
– Version control with Git
– and more . . .Each online workshop is an example-driven tutorial on basic computing skills, hosted by Computational Science and Engineering and HPCBio at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. Short tutorials alternate with hands-on practical exercises, and participants are encouraged both to help one another, and to try applying what they have learned to their own research problems during and between sessions.

Lessons do not assume previous programming experience and introduce the principles of data and task management by example.

We will teach each day from 4–6 p.m. Central Time. Registration is open to all current University of Illinois graduate students, postdocs, staff, and other researchers. This will be especially useful to graduate students, postdocs, and researchers who have not begun to leverage the power of scripting and version control for reproducible research. We especially encourage members of a course or research group to sign up together to reinforce good habits.

Bash (Linux Command Line) (11/9–10, 4–6 p.m.) [Mon–Tue]
Git/GitHub (11/11–12, 4–6 p.m.) [Wed–Thu]
Python (11/16–19, 4–6 p.m.) [Mon–Thu]


Hands-on, Interactive Tutorials

Learn new computational software, tools, and workflows.  See our schedule for the current semester below.

Teach With Us

  • Host a short course or workshop
  • Help with a workshop
  • Volunteer With Software Carpentry

Campus Cluster Program

The Illinois Campus Cluster provides access to computing and data storage resources and frees you from the hassle of administering your own compute cluster. Any individual, research team, or campus unit can invest in compute nodes or storage disks or pay a fee for on-demand use of compute cycles or storage space. Staffing and shared infrastructure fees are partially subsidized by campus to help keep your costs as low as possible!

High-performance computers have become essential to research in many disciplines across the Illinois campus, from astronomy to biology to chemistry on through the alphabet to zoology. The Illinois Campus Cluster is a campus-wide resource that meets this need for research computing cycles.

Campus Cluster User Guide
Campus Cluster HPC Training Videos

Upcoming Events for Fall 2020



Software & Data Carpentry

The Hacker Within

Interactive Learning Fridays

Schedule for Fall 2020 forthcoming.

Software/Data Carpentry

Python (9/14–17, 4–6 p.m.)
R (9/21–24, 4–6 p.m.)
Bash (Linux Command Line) (9/28–29, 4–6 p.m.) [prerequisite for Git lessons]
Git/GitHub (9/30–10/1, 4–6 p.m.)
SQL Databases (10/5–6)
The Hacker Within meetings will take place through dial-in Zoom conferencing.  Please contact meeting organizer through the More Info link below to get details.

Presenter: Invited speakers (TBD)

Lunch Provided

More Info
Faculty Sponsor: Katy Huff

Past Events

 CSE Training on GitHub (includes materials from previous courses)

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