Graduates of Computational Science and Engineering

The largest number of our graduates go into industry in both large and small companies. A significant portion of our students enter the workforce in government labs, obtain postdoc positions, or are offered faculty positions in academia.

Graduates in computational science work in every sector of the economy by:

  • Using theory and algorithms for analysis of rocket motor performance
  • Designing global solutions for firewall security, DNS management, and web proxy access
  • Developing bio-plastics product and process development based on cellulose derivatives
  • Creating software tools to provide high-end services in the field of engineering simulation and optimization
  • Analyzing and preventing fracture in structural metals, such as ferritic steels and structural aluminums
  • Utilizing computational mathematics for optimization of supercomputing applications

Use the buttons below for a brief overview of careers by work sector and company, or to explore our extensive list of alumni and the companies for which they work.

Sector & Company Alumni & Work

Our program provides a strong foundation for computational science at both the undergraduate student and graduate levels. CSE supports your education with broad-based outreach programs, including a seminar series highlighting professors and industry experts, and a peer-support group, The Hacker Within.