Abhishek Jaiswal: CSE 2015 Fellow

Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering

Atomic-Scale Dynamics of Glass-Forming Metallic Liquids

The goal of this study is to obtain a quantitative understanding of the atomic-scale dynamics of glass-forming metallic liquids. The key challenge we want to address is how to establish a link between the liquid state properties and the glass-forming ability of such materials, which can ultimately help us prepare better metallic glasses. Our approach involves extending the existing knowledge of liquid state for simple liquids to study multicomponent metallic liquids characterized by complex interactions, and explore the universality of liquid dynamics and glass-transition in such systems. This work is guided by neutron scattering experiments and large-scale molecular dynamics simulations.

For more on Abhishek's work see his Physical Review article.

For a brief research video: https://youtu.be/Pjgg87oywl8

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