Antoine Blanchard: CSE Fellow 2015

Aerospace Engineering

Computational and Analytical Study of Vortex Induced Vibrations of Sprung Bluff Body with Internal Nonlinear Energy Sinks

His research project entails detailed computational and analytical studies of the dynamics of vortex-induced vibration (VIV) of a linearly sprung circular cylinder with an internal, strongly nonlinear device in laminar or turbulent flow. The nonlinear device (also called nonlinear energy sink, NES) can be designed to significantly suppress or enhance VIV, and to partially stabilize and symmetrize the wake aft of the bluff body. The objective is to understand the underlying dynamics of such systems by combining the strengths of both a high-fidelity numerical model (using the spectral-element solver Nek5000) and powerful analytical methods based on asymptotic analysis. Cylinders of noncircular shape with one or more NESs at higher Reynolds numbers will also be investigated. Applications include vibration suppression and energy harvesting.



Antoine joined UIUC in 2013 as part of the double degree program of the Ecole Centrale de Lille, one of the top “Grandes Ecoles” in France. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in the Department of Aerospace Engineering under the supervision of Professors Bergman (AE), Vakakis (MechSE) and Pearlstein (MechSE).


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