Fellows 1996-1997

Yuelong Gu (Atmos) – Understanding the Spatial and Temporal Variability of Summertime Precipitation in the Midwest United States Using Wavelet Transforms

Michael Ham (CS) – Development of Efficient Scalable Algorithms for the Solution of Large Systems of Linear Equations Arising from the Numerical Solution of Groundwater Problems

Yong Rui (ECE) – Content-Based Indexing and Retrieval in Multimedia Databases

Ari Trachtenberg (CS) – Computational Methods in Coding Theory

Alexandros Trellakis (Physics) – Numerical Approaches for Nanoelectronics

Onder Uluyol (NucE) – Development of Local Gamma Activation Feedback Neural Network and Transient Analysis of Nuclear Power Plant

Jeremy VanAntwerp (ChemE) – Globally Optimal Robust Reliable Control of Large Scale Sheet and Film Processes