Fellows 1998-1999

Wing Fai Chow (CS) – 3-D Pseudospectral Self-Consistent Field Approximation

David Graham (ChemE) – Acoustic Stimulation of Multiphase Flow Through Porous Media

Jonghyun Lee (CS) – Efficient, Transparent Data Migration for High-Performance Scientific Codes

Maneesh K. Singh (ECE) – Real-World Scene Modeling and Virtual Manipulation of Augmented Display

Mohit Tawarmalani (MIE) – Computer-Aided Design of Environmentally Benign Refrigerants

Prem Venugopal (MIE) – Development of an Algebraic Multigrid Solver for Navier-Stokes

Fei Wang (NucE) – An Advanced Numerical Scheme for Smoke Dynamics

Brett Wood (AE) – Coupled Fluid-Solid Computation of a Novel Shock-Boundary-Layer-Interaction Flap System