Fellows 1999-2000

Kemal Aygun (ECE) – Development of Higher Order and Efficient Time Domain Integral Equation Based Methods for Analyzing Electromagnetic Transients in Electronic Circuits

Wing Fai Chow (CS) – 3-D Pseudospectral Self-Consistent Field Approximation

Sony Joseph (TAM) – Computational Electromagnetics

Jonghyun Lee (CS) – Efficient, Transparent Data Migration for High-Performance Scientific Computing

David Ma (ChemE) – Simulation and Control of Multidimensional Crystallization

Efimia Metsi (ChemE) – O(N log N) Algorithms for Large Scale Simulations of Foams and Emulsions

Milind Naphade (ECE) – Multimedia Analysis for Semantic Indexing of Digital Video

Arvind Rajagopalan (MIE) – A Parallel Approach to Solving the Multi-Tier Time Constrained Vehicle Routing Problems with Load Balancing

Maneesh Singh (ECE) – Real-World Scene Modeling and Virtual Manipulation for Augmented Display

Mohit Tawarmalani (ChemE) – Computer-Aided Design of Environmentally Benign Refrigerants

Gang Zou (CS) – Numerical Simulation of Biomolecular Diffusion