Fellows 2001-2002

Pinaki Chakraborty (TAM) – Direct Numerical Simulation and Physical Modeling of the Dynamics of Vortex Packets in Wall Turbulence

David Hardy (CS) – Multilevel Techniques for the Simulation of Biomolecules

Xiaosong Ma (CS) – Flexible Parallel I/O Support for Irregular Codes

Pramod Subramonium (ChemE) – Simulation of 3-Dimensional Transport and Transients in Plasma Processing Reactors

Alper Ungor (CS) – Space-Time Mesh Generation

Ning Xu (ECE) – Real World Object Modeling using Multiple Views

Ruyi Yu (TAM) – Improved Sparse-Matrix Inverse and Preconditioning Techniques for Green's Function Electronic-Structure Calculations in Materials Science Applications

Peng Zhang (MIE) – Three-Dimensional Failure Simulation of Particle-Filled Elastomers

Zhengyu Zhang (CEE) – Multiscale Fracture Modeling of Functionally Graded Materials