Fellows 2002-2003

Monica Awasthi (TAM) – Initial Development of a Cardio-Vascular Simulator for Evaluation of Ventricular Assist Devices

Pinaki Chakraborty (TAM) – Direct Numerical Simulation and Physical Modeling of the Dynamics of Vortex Packets in Wall Turbulence

David Hardy (CS) – Multiple Grid Methods for the Simulation of Biomolecules

Ashish Jagmohan (ECE) – Compression and Transmission of Light Fields

Rajeev Jaiman (AE) – Techniques for Aeroelastic Dynamics of Mesoflaps, Boundary Layers, and Shock Waves

Michael Parks (CS) – Robust Preconditioners and Solvers for Ill-Conditioned Equations from Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

Kumara Sastry (MatSE) – Hybrid Atomistic Simulation + Competent Genetic Programming = Effective Multi-Scale Modeling of Nanostructured Materials

Alok Sutradhar (CEE) – Scientific Visualization and Parallel Computing Environment for Three-Dimensional Crack Propagation Using the Symmetric Galerkin Boundary Element Method

Amanda White (CEE) – Knowledge Discovery from Remote Sensing Observation