Fellows 2003-2004

Ravi Bellur-Ramaswamy (MIE) – Interface Tracking Problems in Crystal Evolution

Ananth Bhoj (ChBE) – Plasma Dynamics and Surface Interactions During Plasma Treatment of Polymer Surfaces

Martin Butz (CS) – Towards Computational Cognition: The Influence of Anticipatory Behavior

Mariano Cantero (CEE) – Two-Phase Flow Models for Engineering and Environmental Scale CFD Computations

Ashish Jagmohan (ECE) – Compression and Transmission of Light Fields

David Lin (TAM) – An Integrated Multi-Scale Cardiovascular Simulation Model

Michael Parks (CS) – Robust Preconditioners and Solvers for Ill-Conditioned Equations from Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

Ali Yilmaz (ECE) – Development of Parallel FFT-Based Time Domain Integral Equation Solvers for Analyzing Scattering from Penetrable Volumes

Lin Zhang (AE) – Large-Scale Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Multiphase Flow