Fellows 2004-2005

Hakan Bagci (ECE) – Development of FFT-Accelerated Time-Domain Simulators for Electromagnetic Analysis of Complex Structures in Layered Media

Mariano Cantero (CEE) – Two-Phase Flow Models for Engineering and Environmental Scale CFD Computations

YoungJung Chang (ChBE) – Design of Robust Metabolic and Signaling Networks

Rajeev Jaiman (AE) – Adaptive Nonmatching Interface Schemes for Transient Multiphysics Simulations

Mariana Silva (TAM) – Large-Scale Topology Optimization for Tailoring Advanced Materials and Structures

Hongcheng Wang (ECE) – Object-Level Video Editing in Spatio-Temporal Gradient Domain

Allen Yang (ECE) – Representing Human Facial Expression Using Hybrid Linear Model

Lin Zhang (TAM) – Large-Scale Direct Numerical Simulations of Turbulent Multiphase Flow