Fellows 2005-2006

YoungJung Chang (ChBE) – Design of Robust Metabolic and Signaling Networks

Xu Han (ECE) – Efficient Searching of MAP in High Dimensional Probability Space, with Application to 3-D Articulated Body Tracking

Amir Ghalayani Isfahani (TAM) – Multiscale Simulation Model of Cell Mechanics in Microcirculation

Nagarajan Kalyanasundaram (MIE) – Multiscale, Computationally Efficient Algorithms for Modeling Nanostructure Created by Ion Bombardment

Yiruo Lin (TAM) – Multimaterial Computational Framework for Bioreactors and Tissue Engineering

Jeronymo Pereira (CEE) – An hp Adaptive Generalized Finite Element Method with Face Offsetting for Three-Dimensional Crack Propagation

Shankar Rao (ECE) – Switched ARX Systems for Audio and Video Segmentation

Lingxiao Zhang (ECE) – Engineering Exchange Interaction in Spin-Qubit Quantum Dot Circuits for Quantum Information Processing