Fellows 2007-2008

Eric Cyr (CS) — Fast Solutions to the Poisson-Boltzmann Equation Using Hierarchical Basis Functions

William Fendt (Physics) — New Directions in Cosmological Parameter Estimation

Bernard Ghanem (ECE) — Phase Based Model for Dynamic Textures

Kyoungsoo Park (CEE) — Parallel Massive Dynamic Fragmentation Using Adaptive Reduced Mesh Representation

Behzad Sharif (ECE) — Adaptive Magnetic Resonance Tomography for Real-Time Cardiovascular Flow Imaging

Teck Tan (MatSE) — Materials by Design: Predicting Thermodynamic Properties of Real Materials from First-Principles Methods and Data Mining

Daniel Turner (CEE) — A Multiscale, Parallel, Three-Dimensional, Finite Element Approach for Modeling Vortex Induced Vibrations of Tall Buildings Subject to Wind Loading

Evan VanderZee (Math) — Well-Centered Meshing