Fellows 2008-2009

Mark Butala (ECE) — Large Scale Dynamic Computed Imaging for Solar-Terrestrial Astronomical Remote Sensing

William Fendt (Physics) — Precision Analysis of Cosmological Data

Bernard Ghanem (ECE) — Extracting a Fluid Dynamic Texture and Background from Video

Jin Tae Kwak (CS) — Computational Methods for Cancer Diagnosis from FTIR Spectroscopy Data

Satish Mantha (CEE) — A Satellite View of Biome Changes: Data Mining, Modeling and Prediction

Lingling Miao (Physics) — NAMD on GPU for Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics (jointly funded by NCSA)

Aaron Shinn (MechSE) — High-Performance Simulation of Turbulent Flows on GPUs (jointly funded by NCSA)

Fernando Stump (MechSE) — A Parallel Adaptive Finite Element Framework to Model Creep and Failure Damage in Polycrystalline Materials

Huibing Yin (MechSE) — Networked Multiuser Optimization Problems with Dynamics and Uncertainty: Theory, Algorithms and Applications