Fellows 2010-2011

Som Dutta (CEE) — High-Resolution Simulation of Near-Wall Fluid-Particle Dynamics and Particle-Turbulence Interaction Using LES Applied to Nonconservative Gravity Currents

Elham Hamed (MechSE) — Modeling of Mechanical Properties of Bone at Nanostructural Level

Jehanzeb Hameed Chaudhry (CS) — Numerical Methods for Size-Modified Poisson-Nernst-Plank Equations

Fan Lam (ECE) — Towards Real-Time Interventional MRI Using Advanced Algorithms for Data Acquisition and Image Reconstruction

Hossein Mobahi (CS) — Modeling and Recognition of Objects by Large-Scale Optimization and Image Processing

Kuo-Chuan Pan (Astr) — Impact of Type Ia Supernova Ejecta on Companion Star and Subsequent Evolution of Remnant

Seth Watts (MechSE) — Morphology Matching

Pinchao Zhang (MatSE) — Bayesian Optimization for Coarse-Graining Complex Interactions and Directed Knowledge Discovery