Fellows 2012-2013

Natalie Beams (MechSE) — A Fast, Parallel-Efficient, Multi-Body Algorithm for Dense Cellular Blood Flows

Elena Caraba (CS) — Computational Modeling and Simulation of Composite Materials Based on Tomographic Images

Jeffrey Curtis (ATMS) — Parallel Stochastic Particle Method Development for Atmospheric Aerosol Modeling

Gary Foreman (ASTR) — Numerical Modeling of Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Propagation in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Maojing Fu (ECE) — Towards Dynamic Speech MRI: High-Performance Computation for Real-Time Imaging

Matias Carrasco Kind (ASTR) — Precision Bayesian Cosmology: New Approaches to Constraining the Dark Universe

Folarin Latinwo (ChBE) — Determining Materials Properties from Non-Equilibrium Dynamics and Stress Measurements in Polymer Solutions and Colloidal Suspensions

Abhishek Singh (ECE) — Overcoming Computational Challenges in Multimodal Medical Image Registration