Fellows 2013-2014

Sara Bahramianparchekoohi (ECE) -- Image Quality in Ultrasonic Imaging Systems

Kallol Das (MechSE) -- Solid-Fluid Material Removal Mechanisms in Focused Ion Beam Processing

Gary Foreman (ASTR) -- Numerical Modeling of Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Propagation in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Maojing Fu (ECE) -- Achieving Four-Dimensional Speech MRI: High-Performance Computation for Real-Time Volumetric Imaging

Harishanker Gajendran (CEE) -- A Novel Multi-Model Framework for Hierarchical Modeling of Multiscale Phenomena

Folarin Latinwo (ChBE) -- Nonequilibrium Free Energy Landscape of Flowing Polymer Solutions and Colloidal Suspensions

Phong Vu Viet Le (CEE) -- High Performance Computing for the Prediction of the Dynamics of Malaria Under a Changing Environment

Syed Bilal Mehdi (MechSE)-- Augmented Reality Environment for Robotic Surgery

Yuhang Wang (Biophysics) -- Toward the Next-Generation Membrane Potein Crystal-Free Crystallography Technology

Kedi Zhang (ECE) -- Multiscale Modeling of an Aircraft with Morphing Radar Signature