Fellows 2014-2015

Sara Bahramianparchekoohi (Electrical and Computer Engineering) — Improved Microcalcification Detection in Breast Ultrasound

Abhilash Harpale (Aeronautical Engineering) — Plasma-surface Interaction Simulations: Controlled Patterning of Holes in Graphene

Greg Hart (Physics) — In Silico Vaccine Design by Inverse Inference of Viral Fitness Landscapes

Jack Hou (Bioengineering) — Personalized Computational Genomics Approach to Predicting Cancer Drug Response

Ian McNamara (Mechanical Science and Engineering) — Geophysical Simulation of Earthquake Rupture Using Spacetime Finite Elements

Yuhang Wang (Biophysics) — Mechanism of the Formation of Membrane Bilayers in Graphite-Graphene-Oxide Nanopores

Jaehyung Yu (Mechanical Science and Engineering) — Quantum Monte Carlo Method to Modeling Point Defect Chemistry in Semiconductors: Application to Photovoltaic Materials Design

Kedi Zhang (Electrical and Computer Engineering) — Accurate and Efficient Electromagnetic Simulation of Highly Inhomogeneous Composite Materials