Qi Dang: CSE 2015 Fellow

Aerospace Engineering

An Autonomous High-Performance Mesh Pre-processor for Computational Analysis of Complex Heterogeneous Materials

This work shows a direct conversion from micro-CT images to finite element meshes for complex microstructure of heterogeneous materials. A NURBS-based Interface-Enriched Generalized Finite Element Method (NIGFEM) is developed that allows for accurate and efficient capture of the effect of material interfaces using meshes that do not conform to the material’s geometries. Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS), commonly used in computer-aided design to represent complex geometries, are adopted in the NIGFEM to define the material interfaces that characterize the heterogeneous media. By incorporating the NURBS representation into the finite element formulation of the non-conforming structured hexahedral meshes, the pre-processor greatly simplifies the mesh generation process while providing similar accuracy and convergence properties as those of conventional FEM-based on conforming meshes.



For a brief research video: https://youtu.be/ndHVgcTikJ0

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