Certificate Programs

***CSE is phasing out CSE Graduate Certificate Option. We are encouraging graduate students in participating departments to apply for CSE Transcriptable Graduate Concentration, which provides a more in-depth understanding of computational science and engineering. Please see our website for more details: http://cse.illinois.edu/education/minor-and-concentration/graduate-concentration. If you have any question, please contact cse@illinois.edu.***

The Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) certificate options are not an academic major or minor, but an additional credential that is available to University of Illinois students enrolled in a participating undergraduate program. The certificate is program-specific so students are only allowed to take the designed certificate for their home department. Courses taken toward this certificate may also count towards the student’s degree.

Students wishing to pursue the CSE certificate program are required to register and can find more information undergraduate student webpage. The old PhD certificate program has been replaced by the transcriptable graduate concentration (which is also available to MS students who want to get a transcriptable recognition).

The CSE Certificate Program does not independently admit students or confer degrees. Students wishing to elect the CSE Option must first be admitted to one of the participating departments before enrolling in the CSE Program. Currently enrolled students can register for the CSE Program by completing the CSE Registration Form (must log in with university credentials). To earn a certificate in Computational Science and Engineering, students must complete the required coursework for their home department.