CSE Educational Programs Overview

CSE is an interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate program with many participating departments whose individual CSE Options are broadly similar, but may vary in some details. In addition to offering variety of degrees that will be listed on transcripts upon graduation, we also offer certificates. Each department has determined a set of specific requirements that students must satisfy to complete the CSE Option for a given program in that particular department. The departmental program descriptions specify required and recommended courses as well as any relevant examination or thesis requirements.

Registration forms for the CSE Program can be obtained under the appropriate option on this website.

Master's of Engineering in Computational Engineering

The Master's in Engineering in Computational Engineering, provides students the opportunity to reap the benefits of the CSE curriculum in 1 year and pursue a career path as a computational scientist and engineer. Explore the career paths available to computational engineers and visit our M.Eng. in Computational Engineering web page for more information.  

CSE Transcriptable Programs

Computational Science and Engineering offers a Graduate Concentration for both Ph.D. and M.S. students, and an Undergraduate Minor. Each of these programs will show up on a student's University of Illinois transcript. These options are appropriate for any student who wishes to gain competencies in applying computational methods to solve practical problems in science and engineering. The Minor and Concentration webpage provides further details.

Certificate Programs

The Computational Science and Engineering certificate program is designed to provide undergraduate students an opportunity to develop a solid base in problem solving using computation as a major tool for modeling complicated problems in science and engineering. Students wishing to pursue the CSE certificate program are required to register within their home department and can find more information on the Certificate Option webpage.

Participating Departments and Programs