CSE Undergraduate Minor

The Computational Science and Engineering program's 18-credit hour multidisciplinary undergraduate minor expands on the existing undergraduate certificate option and is appropriate for any student who wishes to gain competencies in applying computational methods to solve practical problems in science and engineering.

The CSE minor is designed to provide undergraduate students with a solid base in problem-solving using computation as a major tool for modeling complicated problems in science and engineering. In many instances, computational (in silico) experiments facilitate the study of scientific problems that would be too costly or even dangerous to study by direct experimentation.

Undergraduate Minor Enrollment Procedure (3 Step Process)

A minor is a coherent program of study (generally 18-24 hours) requiring some depth in the subject but is not as extensive as the major curriculum.

  • STEP 1: Complete the minor enrollment form available in the College of Engineering Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies (206 Engineering Hall).
  • STEP 2: The completed form should be submitted to the Computational Science and Engineering Office (2102E NCSA Building) for signature.
  • STEP 3: The student should return the signed minor form to their College -- e.g., room 206 Engineering Hall (for Engineering Majors) ; room 2002 Lincoln Hall (for LAS Majors)--to complete the minor registration process.

For more information on the campus minor, please visit the Office of the Provost's website.  The minor enrollment form (i.e, Intend to Add a Minor Form) may also be downloaded directly from the Office of the Provost Website.

Undergraduate Minor Completion—Steps for Getting Transcriptable Recognition

The student is responsible for checking with their college to make sure they have fulfilled all the requirements for the minor. Once the student has completed all the requirements, the student’s home college will work with the registrar’s office to ensure the student is provided a transcriptable recognition signifying the completion of the minor.

Undergraduate Minor Curriculum

Please see our course requirements and refer any curriculum questions to the Computational Science and Engineering Office (cse@cse.illinois.edu).