Undergrad Minor Requirements

The CSE minor comprises 18 total hours. The curriculum of the CSE minor consists of:

  1. 9 hours of Core Course Work in topics relevant to scientific computing and drawn from a menu of courses
  2. 9 hours of Application Course Work or replacing 3 of the 9 course hours with an optional undergraduate research project providing students the opportunity to work with a faculty member using their acquired computational skills in solving real problems.
Course Requirements: 18 hours total


A. Core Course Work (9 hours)


Programming(choose one course):

  • CS 101: Intro Computing: Engrg & Sci  (C/Matlab)
  • ECE 220 (former 190/ECE 198KL): Intro to Computing Systems (C/Assembly)
  • CS 125 Intro to Computer Science  (Java)
  • LING 402 Tools and Techniques in Language and Speech processing
  • CS 225 Data Structures (C++)

Applied Math (choose one course):

  • PDE/ODE: MATH 441 Differential Equations/ MATH 442 Intro Partial Diff Equations/ MATH 489 Dynamics & Differential Eqns
  • Linear Algebra: MATH 415 Applied Linear Algebra
  • Mathematical Methods: ECE 493 Advanced Engineering Math
  • Statistics/Probability: STAT 408 Actuarial Statistics I/ STAT 409 Actuarial Statistics II/ STAT 410 Statistics and Probability Il/ STAT 420 Methods of Applied Statistics/ STAT 430 Topics in Applied Statistics/ MATH 461 Probability Theory
  • Optimization: MATH 482 Linear Programming/ MATH 484 Nonlinear Programming
  • Complex Variables: MATH 446 Applied Complex Variables/ MATH 448 Complex Variables
  • Real Analysis: MATH 444 Elementary Real Analysis/ MATH 447 Real Variables
  • Any advanced corresponding course from the above list of topics may be taken in lieu of an equivalent introductory course.

Computational Methods (choose one course):

  • CS 450/CSE 401 Numerical Analysis
  • TAM 470/CSE 450 Computational Mechanics
  • ECE 448 Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 411 Database systems
  • STAT 440 Statistical Data Management
  • LIS 490DB Introduction to Database Systems
  • LING 402 Tools and Tech. for Language and Speech Processing
  • CS 466 Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • GEOG 489 Programming for Geographic Information Science


B. Computing Elective (9 hours)


(choose one option):