Graduate Concentration Courses

Graduate Concentration Curriculum (16 Total Hours)


Required Courses


Core Course Work: Complete two courses (4-hours each) from the list below.

  • CSE 401 | CS 450 | ECE 491 | MATH 450 – Numerical Analysis
  • CSE 402 | CS 420 | ECE 492 – Parallel Programming
  • CSE 408 |ECE 408 | CS 483 – Applied Parallel Programming
  • CSE 510 | CS 555 – Numerical Methods for PDEs
  • CSE 527 | CS 519 – Scientific Visualization


Computing Elective (CSE Application Courses): Complete two courses (4-hours each) from a departmentally approved list. The application coursework must be distinct from the core courses (no double counting is allowed).


Total Hours



Additional Requirements

MS and PhD Thesis Requirement:
The graduate thesis must have a significant computational component, and the thesis committee must include at least one CSE-affiliated faculty.

MS, Non-thesis Requirement:
Must complete a 4-hour independent study/Capstone Project course,
where the project is supervised by a CSE-affiliated faculty.  The independent study project must comprise sufficient computational work, and be designed in consultation with the faculty supervisor overseeing the independent study.