CSE Parallel Computing Resources

Welcome to the CSE Parallel Computing Resource page. This generation of the CSE Parallel Computing Resource is hosted by the Illinois CampusCluster. Located in the Advanced Computational Building, the CSE Parallel Computing Resource consists of approximately 300 CampusCluster compute nodes, each with two 2.67 GHz Intel Xeon hex-core processors and 24 GB of RAM, for a total of about 3600 cores. The primary network connecting the cluster nodes is Voltaire QDR Infiniband. In addition, all nodes in the cluster are also connected by a 1 Gbs switched, full-duplex Ethernet. The operating system for the cluster is Scientific Linux. The cluster can be accessed by approved users only via secure shell (ssh or slogin) to the front-end array, taub.campuscluster.illinois.edu, with your University NetID and AD password.

The CSE Parallel Computing Resource was created using HP Computer technology with financial contributions from

Xeon image

The CampusCluster is operated by NCSA. General questions and requests for help should be addressed to helpatcampuscluster [dot] illinois [dot] edu.

The CSE Parallel Computing Resource is available on a limited basis for use in research or class projects by Illinois students, faculty, and staff affiliated with the Computational Science and Engineering Program or one of the other sponsoring units. Please acknowledge its use in any publications resulting in any part from research conducted using the CSE Parallel Computing Resource.

Requests for access to the CSE Parallel Computing Resource should be made through the CampusCluster new user request form, and are subject to administrative approval by CSE. Sharing of accounts is forbidden — each user MUST have his or her own individual account and password. The cluster is shared by many users, so users should be respectful of each other and not monopolize resources or engage in other antisocial behavior. Violation of any of these policies may result in account termination as well as potential disciplinary action by the university.