Research Centers

CSE manages a number of interdisciplinary research centers funded by various federal agencies.

  • The Partnerships for International Research and Education (PIRE) program at CSE is a renewable energy project led by University of Illinois and Kyushu University researchers to enable the adoption of solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs) for the production of chemical fuels from electricity.

Previous Research Centers

  • The Cyberphysical Manufacturing Network (CyMaN) is a broad partnership between universities and colleges, Non-Governmental Organizations, and industry to integrate advanced manufacturing with computing, communication, data, and cyberinfrastructure.
  • The Center for Process Simulation and Design (CPSD), funded by the National Science Foundation, is focused on improving the quality and performance of products and materials through simulation and optimization of the industrial processes, such as casting and extrusion, by which they are manufactured.

  • The Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets (CSAR), funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Simulation and Computing program, is focused on integrated, whole-system simulation of solid propellant rockets under both normal and abnormal operating conditions.

  • The Midwest Structural Sciences Center (MSSC) is a collaborative effort with the Air Vehicles Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop the new materials and structures needed for the air frames and space vehicles of the future, and in particular to develop risk-based tools for the design and simulation of spatially-tailored aero-thermal protective structures.

  • The Stress WAve MItigation MURI (SWAMI) is a Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative funded by the U.S. Army Research Office, whose goal is to develop and exploit nonlinear stress wave tailoring to design adaptive load mitigating materials that provide impact protection and improve crashworthiness of critical components, vehicles, and structures subject to impact loading.