Cyberphysical Manufacturing Network

CyMaN Vision and Mission

CyMaN will integrate distributed manufacturing resources to improve throughput and to relieve bottlenecks; elevate manufacturing resource utilization; and create new advanced manufacturing capability by leveraging the existing high-performance computing and high-bandwidth communication infrastructure. CyMaN will broaden participation in the manufacturing economy by enabling artisanal and cottage manufacturers to connect up to industrial-scale manufacturing.  CyMaN will spur innovation by connecting innovators and small OEMs to a highly elastic manufacturing capability and, thus, enable entirely new business models for providing consumers with manufactured products. 

CyMaN will provide the infrastructure for coupling the energy, innovation and drive of the emerging ‘Maker Movement’ with the efficiency, scale and economics of industrial production, thus realizing a network of highly competitive, specialized manufacturing enterprises clustered around and exploiting CyMaN to produce innovative, high-value, manufactured products.

Broadly, Cyberphysical Manufacturing Network will develop the science, technology, and the human resources capable of nucleating, growing, operating and integrating the envisioned CyMaN. This Center will probe, explore and define the emergent business and economic opportunities that surround CyMaN.

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Center Director
Narayana R. Aluru
Kritzer Professor in Mechanical Science & Engineering
Director, Computational Science and Engineering
Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
aluruatillinois [dot] edu

Center Co-Director
Placid M. Ferreira
Tungchao Julia Lu Professor in Mechanical Science and Engineering
Head, Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
pferreiratillinois [dot] edu