Training: Technical Computing Workshops

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Neal Davis · Coordinator, Software Carpentry and CSE Training

Current Workshops

We typically hold Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry workshops at a variety of locations around campus at the beginning of each semester. Opportunities to become a SWC instructor are also available.

Software Carpentry Instructor Training

December 14–15 · 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. · 1030 NCSA · Registration required

Over the last hundred years, researchers have discovered an enormous amount about how people learn and how best to teach them. Unfortunately, much of that knowledge has not yet been translated into common classroom practice, while many myths about education have proven remarkably persistent.

This two-day class will introduce participants to a handful of key research findings and show how they can be used to help people learn better and faster. We will look at the cognitive differences between novices, competent practitioners, and experts; why those differences require different pedagogical approaches; how to design formative assessments to provide feedback to both instructors and students while learning is taking place; how to mitigate cognitive load during learning; how concept maps can be used both to design lessons and to communicate those designs; how practices similar to pair programming and test-driven design can be used in education; and how teaching is a performance art.

Software Carpentry has run variations on this course since 2012 for over 500 people, and the present material is relevant to anyone trying to teach basic programming skills to adults. The class will be hands-on: short lessons will alternate with individual and group practical exercises, including practice teaching sessions. Those who complete the two full days and some short follow-up exercises online will be certified to teach Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry workshops.

Software Carpentry—Women in Biology

September 21–22 · 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. · 1040 NCSA · Registration required

Past event.

Software Carpentry—Python, Shell Scripting, Version Control with Git

August 31–September 1 · 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. · 1040 NCSA · Registration required

Past event.

Archive of Past Workshops

CSE Training on GitHub (includes materials from previous courses)

About the CSE Training Program

CSE training workshops are hands-on sessions designed to meet student and researcher needs in software training across the multidisciplinary spectrum of CSE departmental and industrial affiliates. These short courses are dedicated to showing the features and workflow through the use of models and common engineering tasks.

The program aims at improving student preparation and practice by modeling the use of software best practices and orienting the students around useful conceptual models of computational science and engineering (i.e., how the physical models, numerical methods, and underlying software interact).